samman000044 asked:

Hi, What an unbelievable page you have! You have such guts to put yourself out there like that its inspiring. Im curious what motivated you to start your page and also have you had any problems where people have seen you online and didnt know about your lifestyle? Thanks!

My daddy made me feel comfortable enough with myself to do it, when I started on fet my pics got a lot of attention so I kept taking them haha I don’t really need to worry about that because people need to look up the tags to find my pics haha

Anonymous asked:

Hello there, just wanted to let you know that I am pretty sure you have someone pretending to be you on Abdlmatch (Unless BabyBritt is really you...) Just thought that I would let you know. The profile messaged me, but I never bothered to message back since I figured that it was fake. Have a great day =)

It is definitely a fake profile