Anonymous asked:

Hey. First or all you are absolutely beautiful, congrats on that! Lol, I'm sort of new to the ABDL / DD/LG space, and when I finally make a tumblr account something this week or next I'm definitely going to follow you. I guess my question, please forgive my ignorance, is what is it that you looked for in a Daddy? What matters to you and what do you like? Thanks for answering my dumb question, I'll let you know when I follow you! Oh and did I say your gorgeous :)

A daddy is someone whose sweet and caring and let’s their little cuddle and be sweet but also run around and be crazy daddies should take care of their babies and let them know that theyre daddies baby always

Anonymous asked:

I would like to setup many online fundraisers to help keep you in diapers and buy items from your wish list. Do I have your permission?

Can I hear the details first? I don’t wanna agree to anything bad hehe but overall that sounds amazing! :)

canadianabdllover asked:

Yeah, you are. :) How did you get into diapers/abdl? What do you do outside of Tumblr? :)

I’ve been into it as long as I can remember, I love art but I work a lot a lot but I still only just make enough to pay gas for my junky old truck haha (8 miles to the gallon!)